You’ve just arrived from your hometown to escape your past. Now you’ve decided to make a name for yourself in one of the gangs in your new stomping grounds. You never back away from danger or even let morals stand in your way. Plus you’ve got mad skills when it comes to handling weapons and driving with attitude in the wild inner-city. So you have everything you’ll need to become the biggest gang leader that the city has ever known! Of course, you’ll have to start at the bottom by first settling your debt with Kingpin, the neighborhood godfather who organized your arrival.

  • Take on more than 60 missions on behalf of local godfathers: Kingpin, your old cellmate Crank Marshall, the corrupt cop Barnes, etc.
  • Make your way through two massive cities with open environments and various neighborhoods reproduced in detail: the beach, the marina, the docks, the upscale neighborhoods, the grimy downtown area, and others.
  • An unbelievable feeling of freedom: explore the entire city on foot or by car, go up to any person you want, “borrow” whatever vehicle, etc.
  • Develop your own business: besides taking on missions loaded with pure action, you can also extend your power by running your own restaurants, clubs, and even a music label!
  • Immediate pick-up-and-play and great game comfort: automatic aim, 2 types of controls to guide vehicles, a GPS to find your way around, etc.
  • A unique atmosphere: hip-hop music, streets bustling with life, colorful main characters, and sharp dialog!

Tên game : Gangstar : Crime City

Nhà sản xuất : Gameloft

Thể loại : Action,Shooting

Ngôn ngữ : English

Upload : Celsius












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    Va link 240.320 cua game nay lun nka a

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